“When you run into something interesting, drop everything else and study it.”


The start

And that’s what happened… The ‘something interesting’ was our first puppy, Alfie.

Having worked as both a Personal Trainer and Management Trainer all my life, I got to a certain point and decided I wanted a change. At around the same time, we got Alfie. I wanted a well-behaved dog that we could take everywhere with us. A dog that other people would be happy to look after if we went away. 

I booked onto puppy classes before Alfie had even come home, wanting to be ahead of the game but it took about three days of Alfie living with us before I realised that if I wanted my house, furniture and clothing to remain in one piece, I might need to start training straight away.

How on earth was I going to do that?? I started studying… I researched online, read books, bought magazines and began training Alfie myself.

The more I found out, the more I wanted to learn. I didn’t just want to learn about how to train a dog but I wanted to know what makes them tick, what emotions do they experience, what makes them behave the way they do, how do they learn, what happens when something goes wrong and how can you put it right?

But once a Trainer, always a Trainer… I wanted to help others understand their dogs and puppies and help them train their four-legged friends so they can get as much enjoyment out of their dogs as I do from mine, and there began my journey.

the middle

the beginning

I began studying for my International Diploma in Animal Behaviour with COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) International. COAPE use pioneering methodology and cutting-edge scientific approaches to dog behaviour and are leaders in the field of behaviour and training. 

People who know me have commented on how this is a diversion from my past life. Well… firstly, I have always harboured a dream of working with animals and secondly, there are actually a lot of similarities. I have educated, trained and helped people in health, nutrition, exercise, communication skills, presentation skills, leadership and management. Now, I am just educating people about their dogs, teaching them how to train and helping them get the best out of their dogs. Not such a big change after all…



I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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