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“I found the 1:1 classes extremely invaluable. Being able to focus totally on my puppy’s individual needs has accelerated her development and proved to be much more effective than any of the group classes that I took part in with my last dog. Other dog owners have commented on how calm and well behaved she is and I feel fully equipped to continue her training into adulthood. Emma is a wonderfully positive and supportive trainer who makes her sessions fun and enjoyable for both puppies and their owners.”

"wonderfully positive and supportive trainer"

nell's mum

"super supportive"

milo's parents

“Emma is a super supportive, knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic dog trainer.  She clearly cares passionately about positive dog training and praise and reward are the key messages.  Her one to one sessions have empowered us to feel more confident in understanding the needs of our dog and her training strategies are always clearly demonstrated and communicated.  

Emma is the ultimate professional and strives to help dog and owner achieve the best relationship possible.  Even when faced with challenging puppy behaviour, she will ensure she has researched the latest methods.   She is always quick to respond to messages and offer encouragement and advice.   Don’t know what we would do without her.”

“Emma came to visit our gorgeous cockapoo Sidney who at 2 and a half just didn’t always listen to us, liked to chase anything that moved and always barked non stop in the garden.
It was testing our patience to say the least and we were desperately worried that we had done something wrong in his training.

It was the cause of great stress in the family home.

Emma put us immediately at ease and so eloquently and informatively explained how Sidney was interpreting certain situations and that actually he suffered with anxiety that often fed off the way we reacted to his behaviour.

Once we understood this and implemented some new techniques calm descended on our house. We also understand now that having a dog is a work in progress and how they learn through a lot of repetition, lots of praise and a very friendly voice. Sidney absolutely loved Emma and when she worked with him he responded so well.

Life is so much calmer in our house, we know what triggers his behaviour and we are now dealing with each situation so much better as a family. He just gets better and better every day and a whole lot calmer too….thank you Emma😊”

"sidney loved emma!"

sidney's parents



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